Specially developed for Swiss consumers, the site, operated from the shores of Lake Geneva, offers vitamins and food supplements in the form of chewing gum called gummies.

The Gummiio gummies have been developed to provide targeted benefits and their development has been rigorously selected to propose effective solutions. A formula dedicated specifically to children is also available.

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Gummies kids

Children full of life all year round Boost your children's...

Price CHF28.00

Gummies Night

For a peaceful night Give your sleep a boost! A good night's...

Price CHF28.00

Gummies Relax

Serenity as the key / Serenity restored Keep your balance...

Price CHF28.00

Gummies Energy

Vitality and well-being Boost your body and mind! Tiredness...

Price CHF28.00

Gummies Hair

Silky hair Restore the beauty and vitality of your hair!...

Price CHF28.00